S for… Shadebobs

This article about shadebobs is going to be pretty short as this effect does look nice but has nothing too special either and loops quite fast. It looks like a coloured caterpillar running fast all around the screen and changing colors every time it touches its own « print ». I don’t think this effect has anything technical nor is any hard to code. Sure it looks rainbow colored and that’s enough to keep us entertained for a little while, then… Talking about date of creaton, I have no clue who coded the first shadebob unfortunately, yet I guess it originates from the early 90s.

The brightest spots here above show where the  shadebob has already been. Taken from Passion intro by Passion (1992 ?)

In order to avoid boring us to death coders have had the good idea to change the way shadebobs moved or the colors they wore but I’m afraid you cannot expect more variations than these minor details…

Different path and better colors than the first picture…. Taken from Debbie Does Teknofear by Digi Tallis (1998)

I think this effect deserved being reinvented. Maybe it would have allowed it to still be around these days as it appeared in the 90s and disappeared almost as soon. As far as I know no production has featured shadebobs for about 15 years…

Taken from Exhaust demo by ACCS and The End (1993)

Now it is time to show you a couple of examples starting with a screen showing nothing but shadebobs luckily coming with a very pleasant soundtrack. This screen is taken from the beautiful 1992 Relapse demo by Cybernetics.

The second example is taken from 1992 Atari Fair demo by Animal Mine, a production that offers a lot more effects than mere shadebobs :


17 réflexions sur “S for… Shadebobs

  1. Je n’ai jamais été un gros fan des shadebobs. Généralement ça commence bien, mais ça devient laid dès que les couleurs commencent à « boucler » et que la teinte la plus claire se retrouve en contact avec la teinte la plus foncée, comme sur le deuxième écran ci-dessus. Par contre je ne connaissais pas la démo Relapse, leurs shadebobs sont les plus beaux que j’ai pu voir ! Dommage que tous ne soient pas de ce niveau là…


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