So far I have only written articles about such and such effect adding screenshots and videos excerpts. I think that’s the way you can read a dictionary and yet I also believe that you are missing what makes a demo a moment of pure enjoyment : the sum of its effects, the music, the pictures, the transitions. So this series called « coup de coeur » will deal with a single demo to be fully enjoyed only with a few « background » explanations 🙂

Awesome title screen ! Can you believe it’s 16 colors only ?

Anyway time to get started with my first « coup de coeur » ! I decided to pick up a demo from 1993 entitled Flip-O-Demo and born from the collaboration between two democrews, Oxygene and Diamond Design.

For a very long time it has been rightly considered as a milestone both as far technique and design are concerned. This French demo also benefits from an awesome soundtrack made by a very talented musician named Jess/Overlanders. By the way if you like this demo’s soundtrack I strongly suggest you visit   Jess’s music catalogue (and click « Atari » to filter tracks)

I think this demo hit us hard at the time and even gave birth to the phrase « French touch » being a perfect combination of smooth varied effects, nicely chosen colours, transitions and finally beautiful pictures. This demo was even said to look like an Amiga demo, the rival computer opposed/compared to the Atari ST (at that time things looked like a true gang war except for the weapons !). But come to think of it, it was a nice word since Amiga demos were mostly known for design. 🙂

This demo, known as a classic, gathers the full span of demo effects that used to be popular in the 90s. You will find most of them and even some not so known ones such as dots, a rotozoom, 3D objects, a dragonball, a tunnel, big balls, wireframe objects or jelly, and last but not least a mapped cube (what used to be a premiere back in 1993). Kudos to Leonard and Oxbab for coding such wonders !

Even now I feel a stupid smile spreading over my geek’s face at seeing these screenshots ! 🙂

Last but not least this great demo features several pictures from very talented artists such as Niko, Mon and Spiral. All these great looking pictures added to the already great value of this demo making it definitely reach the status of milestone of the « French touch ». A last picture in memory of Spiral who died in 2004… Demos never die, you are with stars now.

Go and enjoy the show now !