Coup de cœur for the Flip-O-Demo (1993)

So far I have only written articles about such and such effect adding screenshots and videos excerpts. I think that’s the way you can read a dictionary and yet I also believe that you are missing what makes a demo a moment of pure enjoyment : the sum of its effects, the music, the pictures, the transitions. So this series called « coup de coeur » will deal with a single demo to be fully enjoyed only with a few « background » explanations 🙂

Anyway time to get started with my first « coup de coeur » ! I decided to pick up a demo from 1993 entitled Flip-O-Demo and born from the collaboration between two democrews, Oxygene and Diamond Design.

For a very long time it has been rightly considered as a milestone both as far technique and design are concerned. This french demo also benefits from an awesome soundtrack made by a very talented musician named Jess/Overlanders. By the way if you like this demo’s soundtrack I strongly suggest you visit   Jess’s music catalog (and click « Atari » to filter tracks)

The awesome title screen ! Can you believe it’s 16 colors only ?

I think this demo hit us hard at the time and even gave birth to the phrase « French touch » being a perfect combination of smooth varied effects, nicely chosen colors, transitions and finally beautiful pictures. This demo was even said to look like an Amiga demo, the rival computer opposed/compared to the Atari ST (at that time things looked like a true gang war except for the weapons !). But come to think of it it was a nice word since Amiga demos were mostly known for design. 🙂

You can spot a lot, an awful lot, of smooth oldschool (well it was 1993) demo effects in here like dots, tunnel, rotozoomer, a dragonball, a jelly object, 3D, wireframe and surely others I have forgotten.

Even today I feel a stupid smile spreading over my geek’s face at seeing these screenshots ! 🙂

Last but not least this great demo features several pictures from very talented artists surch as Niko, Mon et Spiral. A last picture in memory of Spiral who died in 2004… Demos never die, you are with stars now.

Go and enjoy the show now !


6 réflexions sur “Coup de cœur for the Flip-O-Demo (1993)

    1. Je sais que je ne parle pas trop des démos « classiques » car je crains qu’elles ne soient trop oldschool pour parler aux non initiés, mais je ne pouvais pas faire l’impasse sur la Flip-O ! 🙂


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