G for… Glenz vector

In spite of their mysterious sounding name glenz vectors are simply 3D objects made of polygons or more precisely triangles. Half of these triangles are white while the other half is coloured and above all transparent. If you think that my words are not clear enough then I hope that the following picture will prove helpful.

An effect born in the early 90s but still classy today I think.
This shape is feeling a bit down, isn’t it ? Taken from the  Overdose demo by Aggression. (1992)


Shake it baby, yeah shake it !

Appeared in the early 90s, glenz vectors are quite simple looking shapes. Well to be honest it all depends on coders skills since they first need to think about how to build them (out of triangles remember) before they manage to make them move smoothly all over the screen.

Lovely examples to be enjoyed in full motion down below.

You can find a nice example of big and fast glenz vectors in the 1992  If Pigs Could Fly demo by  The Syndicate. The show may look a bit short yet it is fully enjoyable.

Most of the time glenz vectors  are of decent size, rarely big and on very few occasions they will simply amaze you :

  • Like the 2 merging glenz vectors seen in the 2003  Illusion demo by Dune. They look great and keep rotating while mixing together.
Every DUNE production is a pure jewel of style and design !
  • This other glenz vector is impressive at it is announced to be made up of 192 polygons while usually most effects like this are « only » made of a dozen triangles. Taken from the amazing 1999 Virtual Escape demo by Equinox.
Not only it is a complex object yet it is stylishly displayed.

What I like most with this effect is when a glenz vector starts morphing that is to say changes shapes while still moving on screen. Then a pyramid can become a sort of ball or a stretched out object.

The video above is a good example of glenz vectors changing shapes and colors as well. And this is only the end of a  very nice show called  Beachtro by Hemoroids (1992) !

Now let’s have a look at the groovy glenz vectors seen in the If Pigs Could Fly demo :

Our last demonstration is taken from the gorgeous 1993 Braindamage demo by Aggression and undoubtedly this morphing glenz vector looks as awesome as the rest of the demo !



5 réflexions sur “G for… Glenz vector

    1. J’aime beaucoup les glenz vectors, du coup je ne comprends pas que si peu de coders aient tenté de varier cet effet. Les deux glenz qui se mélangent c’est très joli et avec les techniques actuelles je suis sûr qu’on aurait pu améliorer le tout ! Par contre je n’aime pas du tout les deux glenz qui se mélangent dans le remake de Second Reality, mais je pense que c’est dû aux vilaines couleurs 🙂


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