A short article for a short seen effect. Indeed in the mid 90s some effects were so fashionable that every demo had to feature it and so it used to be with the dragonball. At first this is nothing more than a bouncing ball but in order to add some depth and consistency moving stars motives are stuck onto the ball. You could argue that this is some variation of a jelly effect and you would be so right. 🙂

You can clearly see why this is called a dragonball 🙂 Taken from the 2003 Illusion demo by Dune.

This is undoubtedly a nice looking effect but like  shadebobs, it loops after a few seconds. After a short while you will feel like watching something else…

I’m pretty sure you think you already saw it before, right ? Taken from the so famous 1993 Flip’O demo by Oxygene and Diamond Design.
Yes it looks nice but already seen before. Yet the2001  Odd Stuff demo by Sector One and Dune is really worth seeing !

Except for minor changes like colors or size, dragonballs don’t show many differences. The only exception I can think of is the effect seen in the huge and impressive 1994 Japtro demo by Holocaust. It actually features a funny sequence showing two bouncing characters who are nothing more than  dragonballs in disguise as you can see by yourself below 🙂

No star motive but eyes and a mouth instead but I swear that these are still  dragonballs.

I need to show you at least one  dragonball in motion tho so let’s have a look at the example seen in the so nice 1999 Virtual Escape demo by Equinox. As you can see, this effect looks much better when moving yet it tends to get boring after only a few seconds. I guess this can explain why it vanished of demos later on…

Let’s end with a funny touch from the Japtro demo by Holocaust. 🙂