For once as I start writing about the fire effect you instantly know what I am writing about. 🙂  Indeed no use for brainstorming as this effect reproduces the reaction of flames or burning objects. The coders skills will make a lot of difference tho offering different shapes, sizes and way to show fire.

Yet for some unknown reasons fire effects are not so numerous in Atari ST demos while they used to be seen a lot more in Falcon demos, namely the « sequel » to this humble computer. Fire effects were first to be noticed in the late 90s and since then they appeared here or there but no too often I’m afraid. One reason tho could be that it is seemingly not so easy to code a smooth fire effect. I could actually name more examples of pretty slow or not so good looking attemps but I would rather focus on successful trials.

At least we can rejoice that the few examples we are offered are brought onto screen with style and imagination as shown below, coming with a lovely picture by graphician Edo.

Technique and stylish ? This is all I love ! Taken from the 2001 Odd Stuff demo by Sector One and Dune.

If one democrew needs be thanked here then it is Checkpoint as they brought us many kinds of fires starting with their 1997 intro (a very small demo) called Surprise :

A single screen made for a friend’s birthday. Nice present isn’t it ?

This other one-screen intro (1996) called Drooling looks really gorgeous with its burning logo and cube mixing together :

Côté à côte deux illustration d'un effet de feu avec le logo Checkpoint et un cube en feu.
A Checkpoint logo and a burning cube (left) litterally merging into burning red lava (right).

The next screenshot shows « two in one » with shadebobs set on fire ! Taken from the 1999   Sid Sound Designer Compo intro by Dead Hackers Society.

Shadebobs are a very common effect but I had never seen them on fire. A top notch result !

This video shows a typical fire effect, nicely displayed along with a logo and a scroller, that is to say text lines moving in the middle of the screen (see related article). Taken from the 1996 module compilation 11 intro by tSCc.

I wrap up this article talking about Checkpoint once again and above all referring to one of my favorite demos named Suretrip (1999). A few more words before the show starts : in spite of different colors, this IS a fire effect ! Besides it features a huge object and is even displayed in a bigger windows than usual (please refer to the article about overscan and fullscreen for more details) . Last but not least the object goes twisting and morphing as if it wasn’t enough ! A true asskicking screen !