To speak the truth I really cannot tell when we first saw a twister. I believe tho that this effect first appeared on more powerful computers (who said PC ?) then was successfully ported to  Atari ST. Anyway this beautiful effect shows a rotating vertical bar that gradually goes twisting (hence the name) as if it was made of rubber. The twister can be filled either with mapping or with some color gradient, but the filing method used sure counts a lot in the end result !

A picture and a gorgeous twister, do you need more ?

Unless I am wrong this screenshot above is the first twister ever seen in an Atari demo, namely in the 2001 Odd Stuff demo by Sector One and Dune. Now think about that bar in full move and then you can fancy how yummy this effect looks ! (check the video at the bottom of that page)

Since that first step, twisters have had quite a good reputation and we have had the chance to see more of them. Sure I cannot tell if this effect is hard to code but I know that you need to choose the right colors and of course the bigger the twister is and the more awesome it looks. I don’t think the following picture will tell me wrong :

Awesome !  Rave Network Overscan made wonders with their intro called Sodium. (2009) I want to see more from them !

This big twister makes me think of a yummy ice cream and makes me drool ! 🙂 The perfect choice of colors adds depth and the picture that comes along looks nice as well.

Don’t get confused, this is a twister even tho it’s horizontal instead of vertical like most of its fellows.

Unlike some effects like shadebobs or dragonballs that tend to grow boring pretty fast we are still amazed and entertained by twisters such as the one seen above under the shape of an  elephant trump. 🙂 If you like funny and stylish productions, then don’t miss the rest of 2013 ElefantaSTic demo by Genesis Project especially as it is featured in one of my coups de coeur !

And if you want to see more original twisters then be happy because we are having 3 of them at once under a darkish sky. I should also add that this effect is displayed in a bigger window than usual (384 pixels by 270 instead of the basic 320 by 200 Atari ST window size). Displaying things out of the theoretically limited window size is called an overscan by the way (read my article about it for more info).

3 in 1, thank you Dead Hackers Society ! Don’t miss the rest of the demo  More or less zero ! (2008)

These days twisters have become pretty common and even tho you can hardly feel impressed by most of them any more it is definitely a very nice looking and colorful effect ! Before moving on with videos, let’s show you another bunch of them, respectively taken from One Trick Pony by Rave Network Overscan (2013), Industrially Safe Demodisk #37 intro (2016) by Effect and Again (2008) by Paradox (read my coup de coeur too). I could also quote the Fujiology (2013) and the Fujiology V2.0 intro  (2015) both by tSCc.

Now if I want to play fair to twisters pioneers I need to show you the very first one we were offered in the Odd Stuff demo (also featured in one of my coups de coeur by the way) :

We are offered a nice variety to twisters in 2010 Talk Talk 2 demo by Excellence In Art, so let’s stop for a short moment and enjoy them :

Lets end with the biggest  twister I have ever seen ! Indeed it could hardly be bigger since it takes almost every pixel on screen and a lot more than the usual window size (this is even what we logically call an overscan or even fullscreen effect). Not to forget the pretty blue/orange dithering in the background. Taken from 2011 Summer Delights demo by Dead Hackers Society.