9e19-24000The name may already sound familiar and if so it means you have read my article about 3D objects. Yet if I mention Synergy‘s megademo, being a collection of several demo parts, this is mostly because I love this production so much !

Released in 1993 this demo strikes us at once with its stunning introduction. Mixing a lot of graphics flashing to the beats of  Scavenger‘s music, it is an instant thriller ! Judge by yourself :

We are then presented to the demo menu that is to say the central part from where we can gain access to all screens. And have a look at that menu ! A big mapped cube (see related entry for more info) set onto a colourful skyline and a nice logo !

I won’t comment on all the screens of that megademo. First because there are quite a handful of them (and some definitely look like disk fillers even tho of good quality) and secondly because 2 of them above all should catch our attention. One of them is the so called « Period in 3D space » screen being an incredible demonstration of technical skills in 3D objects lasting about 20 minutes ! But you will never get bored, not any moment as the show is made of a lot of different scenes supported by great ideas and several soundtracks by Scavenger, one of my favourite Atari ST musician as you may have guessed by now. 🙂 :

The other screen is actually more than that as it is a full game, a pacman clone called Crapman running over 50 levels and offering a splitscreen two player mode ! I cannot count the many hours I spent playing that game with friends. What a treat !