Let’s take another break to sit and relax while enjoying a full demo. This time we will be fed by the know-how of German four member band  Cream. You will love everything in their demo Do Things : effects, pictures, design and music as a whole ! To speak the truth it has been a long time since I wanted to write about this production but I had not found any video of decent quality… Luckily when I asked him for a hand Ataricrypt made a great video capture and uploaded it  to his Youtube channel. I am very grateful to you mate !

Do Things starts with an introduction that looks really stunning compared to the standards of 1999 ! It is mostly based upon variations of tunnels and distorters whose colours are perfectly chosen. You will also be greeted by a chiptune composed by another of my favourite Atari ST musicians namely Tao !

After this awesome appetizer comes what is actually the main part of this unique demo : a slide-show mixed up with a jukebox ! While scans of pictures painted by Agent -t are telling us a nice story we are offered a wide selection of tunes composed by Tao.

Let’s have a look (or better said an ear 🙂) at the wonderful tunes by Tao :

And then enjoy the story told by the pictures of Agent -t :

And if that was not enough to make it a very pleasant production, the band’s coders Candyman and Abyss have a last present for us : a credits sequence made of effects looking a bit like those enjoyed in the introduction except that this time they also come with motives or the names of the people involved in this demo. Again, the great colours make the whole thing look really stylish  !

To put it in a nutshell I find that this demo is a true jewel built up with dedication and love from the makers. It makes the whole thing shine like a blazing star in a dark sky. I hope you will share at least a little of my passion for this demo ! 🙂