Can anyone tell me why the demos effects I really love are also seldom met ? Just like the nice looking city skyline I think that the wormhole looks neat and stylish yet very few demos actually feature it and I truly have no idea why…

Now what does a wormhole look like ? I would say it is a kind of grid put on the floor but seen from an isometric (3D) point of view. In the middle of the grid lies a hole and like a black hole it swallows everything around. As a consequence the grid seems to move on and dive into that black home. Older geeks like me will instantly think « Tron » when watching this effect with its colored lines 🙂

Talking about lines, let’s be honest and face the truth : far from being a coding treat I believe that this effect is mostly the result of a color process called « color cycling » that is to say that colors are swapped hence creating a « fake » motion. Never mind my explanations all that matters to me is the end result and surely this wormhole looks really spacey and classy !

Behold a wormhole ! Superb isn’t it ?
A second example with a different viewpoint.
Third and last example…

I am afraid I have already covered this topic as I could only find 3 examples over almost 3 decades of Atari demos ! The first wormhole can be seen in the 1993 Bugs In Space demo by  FirSTe (a one release band unfortunately) while the second example is taken from Breath demo by Mystic Bytes  (in my humble opinion their only  Atari ST demo that really rocks) released in 1999. The last example is taken from the 0Ompa demo by NoExtra released in 2014. I hope we can see more wormhole in new demos but only future will tell. 🙂