Here is a new section called « Pixel by Pixel ». I have been a pixel artist for quite a long time tho I don’t consider myself neither very good nor very productive and you can already see most of my gfx either on my old and dusty website or at demozoo.

Since I love what other artists paint, I thought that maybe you too would be interested in seeing how a picture actually grows from scratch until it reaches the final touches. That’s why I am going to show you some pixel artwork and above all some « work in progress » screenshots, all of these spiced up with boring explanations. 🙂

All these pixels graphics are original, not a single copy here, and were done on PC but using STeem, an Atari ST emulator so that work is similar to the real computer. I keep working with Crackart, a great painting program. As for technical facts : all pictures are 16 colors only, STf palette (choice among 512 colors) and their original size is 320 pixels by 200.


Enough for now, come back later for something real to chew on and keep reading my articles about demos effects in the meantime. Thank you ! 🙂