Since some effects don’t bear an official name I had to figure it out, so we shall call this a water effect (we could also call it « ripples » you will see why in the next lines). Unfortunately as I write this, I haven’t found so many examples to fill in this section.

Think about a stone thrown into water and creating ripples. Beautiful picture done by Edo by the way !

The screenshot above comes from the 2001 Odd Stuff demo, a production whose style is polished from the very beginning to the ending thanks to the guys of  Sector One and Dune. A second yet different water effect can be found in this demo, looking more like rain drops falling onto the screen. Check the video excerpt at the bottom of this page.

The picture is not up to the beauty of this nice water effect !

This other water effect is taken from 1999 Breath demo by Mystic Bytes. You cannot really see it from the picture but the actual effect shows a wave rolling from the left to the right of the screen. I just love the end result and the colors ! (Check the video at the bottom of this page.)

I guess that water effects used to be met more often on PC, in other words on more powerful computers. On the the humble Atari ST I noticed that this effect was either shown  in a small window or that only one line out of two was displayed. In spite of these « tricks », the effect looks magnificent most of the time.

Unfortunately the water effect shown in 2000 Tut! demo by Wildfire doesn’t use nicely chosen colors I’m afraid. Too bad…

Coders don’t always make friends with colors….

The very same effect, looking more like raindrops, can be seen in 2003 Posh demo by Checkpoint offering this time a better result thanks to nice colors and a bigger window.

It does look messy in this screenshot, agreed ! 🙂

We have already reached our last example, taken from 1999 Memorial demo by Dune. This time the effect is made of mere dots circles that are shown so that they look like rain drops. A simple but effective effect. 🙂

Sometimes simple ideas and design are enough.

History wise, I think the first noticeable water effect was seen in 1999 and the latest in 2003. Quite a shot lifespan, I agree, but I hope this is not the end of such effect as I really like it when the colors are chosen with taste of course ! 🙂

Time to see what a water effect really looks like with a video excerpt taken from the Odd Stuff demo. Please wait for another minute and you will see the other water effect. Don’t miss it !

Then we have a look at Breath :

And we complete our tour with Posh :