What we call a scroller is still today a compulsory part of a demo. But do you even know what I am talking about ? Indeed a scroller is simply an effect showing moving text lines. It is usually shown to give information about the demo, like « who did what » or to send greetings to some friends.

The basic scroller is a mere one coloured text moving from left to right at the bottom of the screen, in other words it’s a horizontal scroller. Hopefully there are countless ways to display a scroller as I am going to show you. 😉

That’s the very basic way to display a scroller.


Another classic scroller that looks like the ending sequence of a movie, moving vertically this time.


Two scrollers at once but almost unreadable as they keep rotating. The three screenshots above are taken from 1993 Froggies over the fence demo.


A crazy 3D scroller starting from the bottom of the screen and then bouncing in the background to find its way out of the upper part of the screen ! Video at the bottom of this page.


This is a megascroller and I’m sure you know why ! Taken from the European Demos by Overlanders (1990).


Guess you see why we call it a Star Wars scroller. 🙂 Guest screen by Sanity taken from Just Buggin’ by ACF Design Team. (1992)


Harder to read tho very stylish, it’s a flexiscroller (here made of dots by the way). Taken from 1992 Relapse demo by Cybernetics.

I think that the various examples given above have convinced you that you can always find another and unseen way to display a scroller. The only real limit comes from the coders skills. Sometimes we end up with insane and unreadable scrollers (I guess this is a way to write nonsense speeches, anyway who could read them). 🙂

Hardly readable yet so enjoyable ! Taken from 1993 Rising Force by Holocaust.

The scroller shown above is quite impressive as it is only a small part in a complex screen made of a checkerboard floor and a rotating 3D object.

This huge round scroller is awesome. Very hard to read but so beautiful ! 2001 DHS Summer compo screen by Checkpoint.

Indeed I could name so many more examples that you would surely never see the end of that article so I should rather stop here. Before I leave you in the company of some videos I would like to add that scrollers have been around for about 30 years now and will never cease to be as they are maybe the strongest tradition in demos (not to forget their vital role in credits and greetings).

Let’s dive into the 90s now first with this gorgeous 1990 3D Scroll made by Moving Pixels.

Then in the very modern Riverside demo by Dead Hackers Society (2013) we are presented with a zooming scroller  :

I really love the end scroller seen in the 2001 Odd Stuff demo by Sector One and Dune. Like the whole demo it is highly stylish and very nicely executed !

Last but not least, let’s enjoy another end scroller this time taken from 2005 Pacemaker demo by Paradox. This time it is mixed with other effects hence a bit hard to read yet very nice looking too :