This time my coup de cœur  goes not to one but to two great demos born from the collaboration between two talented French democrews  : Dune et Sector One. They marked the beginning of a long time collaboration since they kept on working together for our greatest pleasure !

At first I wondered whether I should or should not write about two demos at the same time, yet they have a lot in common : the same bands, in spite of a few changes and losses in the lineup, the same care for extreme polishness and sense of design, mostly due to the large amount of wonderful graphics and musics and last but not least, their technical perfection, even tho nothing really outstanding is to be seen.

  • Oddstuff was released in 2001, being a demo mostly done by the guys of  Sector One under the direction of graphician Edo who used to be known for his sense of design (even tho he admitted being a tyrant to his fellows 🙂). Noticed are some graphics by Exocet and Mic (learn more about him in the Fantasia part right below) and two lovely tunes composed by our friend Dma-Sc (whom you’ll meet again in the other demo). Let’s not forget coders, quite a bunch of them indeed : Chuck, Zerkman, St Ghost, Exyl, Frost and Splash. A real team work !

Let’s now leave on a 15 minute trip but please be back for the next demo ! 🙂

  • Fantasia : Since Edo retired from the demoscene, graphician Mic took over the job of « artistic director » in this second collaboration released in 2003. Once again the demo design is of high level and style is polished to the nail ! The nice thing about Mic is that he can paint using different techniques and more colors. Thanks to his coder Chuck, among others, some pictures are using more than the usual number of colors handled by the Atari ST as can been seen below :
The title screen features 42 couleurs instead of 16 !

The main difference between Fantasia and the previous demo lies in the combination of « oldschool » (older generation) and « newschool » (latest generation) effects. For instance you will witness a part with a great mapped cube coded by Corbeau ! In spite of the absence of some people who took part to the Odd Stuff demo, this production is definitely awesome and is once again supported by great musics by  Dma-Sc. Now you can make your own opinion with the following video :