Even tho I don’t consider it as technical, the magnifying glass effect looks decent enough and even good as it features some handmade graphics. Being myself a humble pixel artist I always appreciate effects with a nice touch of design and even better when they include pixel artwork. As for the effect itself, it simply shows a round magnifying glass bouncing or moving on screen and showing zoomed parts of the background graphics.

Sure, I am not a coder yet I know this effect can be a « trick » as it only requires to have 2 versions of a picture in memory : first the real size one and secondly a zoomed version. Then it can be easy to simulate the magnifying glass effect. But like I said, I am not coder so I may be totally wrong here. Besides only the end result matters not the means used 🙂

Can you spot the magnifying glass in the left lower corner ? Taken from 2003 Illusion demo by Dune.


Easier to see where the magnifying glass is this time 🙂 Taken from 2005 Pacemaker demo by Paradox.

I’m afraid we are not given so many examples of this effect as with the wormhole or city skyline. Yet we can live with this situation as it may be a nice looking effect but as others it tends to loop quite fast and isn’t so impressive either.

Don’t tell me you cannot see the magnifying glass here 🙂 Taken from Second Reality 2013 by Checkpoint.

Well I think all that needed be said has been said. Not quite a technical effect, yet very pleasant thanks to the graphics used, the magnifying glass effect comes as a gorgeous demo filler. However it would need new ideas if we want to see it back under a new shape. Time to see it in action :

This magnifying glass effect that can be seen in the 2001 Odd Stuff demo by Sector One and Dune perfectly illustrates my writings : coloured graphics, nice colors and moving waves on the sides make it a nice looking screen.

This other example taken from the Second Reality 2013 demo by Checkpoint is a bit different : luckily the magnifying glass being blue is a lot easier to spot. Besides it is quite big and keeps bouncing from one side of the screen to the other. Ok maybe the « zooming » feature is not so stressed but let’s not be negative and enjoy the show instead ! 🙂