Once they managed to display  3D objects, some coders made another step forward creating what I call worlds in 3D. Obviously these efforts will surely look useless compared to what is done these days (even on a cellphone) but please keep in mind that the Atari ST was released 30 years ago, in 1985. With that statement in mind I hope you will enjoy the trip. 🙂

Back to our topic ! We first enjoyed 3D objects, some of them later mixed with 2D pictures then we saw full 3D sequences making world in 3D, as can be seen in the excellent 1994 Japtro demo by Holocaust, as you can find right below :

We first fly close to walls, then gradually move away until we realize that these walls are actually letters forming the name of the demo (4 pictures).

To speak the truth I have no clue about the way you can create a world in 3D : I guess you need some sort of a « storyline », then make plans for objects, add a camera that will « shoot » the sequence and above all it needs to be nice looking, bug free and smooth enough… Sounds easy, doesn’t it ? Not so sure about this, especially on such a limited computer as the Atari ST !

Anyway here is what it looks like when moving :

Even though it’s a lot less original shape wise, the world in 3D of the 1993 Braindamage demo by Aggression and Kruz runs faster, is more coloured and even adds darker colours that create some sort of depth.

In the 1993 Ecstasy demo by ICE, the world in 3D has nothing revolutionary yet it looks pleasant, uses nice colors and in the end it offers an enjoyable trip :

Here we move along the ground as if we were onto a hover-board  (3 pictures)

Except for a few differences, like the choice of colors, the world in 3D of 2003 Hallucinations demo by Reservoir Gods is pretty similar !

Different colors but you will admit that it does look a bit alike, doesn’t it ? (3 pictures)

On the contrary the shortly seen world in 3D  from the Sommarhack 2010 Invite demo by Dead Hackers Society looks very original ! Alas the lack of contrast between the colors used tends to make things a bit confused in my humble opinion…

No surprise with the world in 3D seen in the Second Reality 2013 demo by Checkpoint as we fly above some fiction city. Yet you cannot either for having a free and enjoyable ride over this place. 🙂


But if you had to remember a single name in this article about worlds in 3D it sure is that of the STNICCC 2000 demo by Oxygene ! This exceptional 5 minute long demonstration offers a never seen before trip into varied places. And the many changes in palettes will bring enough variety so that you will never grow bored !

Do not miss the video down this page, you would miss the best example in this article !


We dive into the 90s with an excerpt taken from Ecstasy demo by ICE :

Let’s end with the most beautiful example, namely the STNICCC 2000 demo by French democrew Oxygene :