My current coup de coeur goes to democrew Paradox who used to be very productive even tho they didn’t always receive the recognition they deserved. Maybe their prods were not so outstanding yet every one bears their passion for demos so that I want to pay a tribute to their dedication.

This crew is quite often mentioned in my entry about  particles, yet this time I am going to write about one of their smallest demos. Far from usual productions there are categories of size limited productions and this is one of them, namely this is what we call a 96K (max size of 96 kilo bytes of course) entitled Again.

I love the band’s motto : « alive on a dead machine, we are paradox ! ».

To speak the truth I think I mostly love this demo because of the many graphics shown, something that is quite unusual in size limited productions. Indeed from the very first beep of the demo tune you’ll see that it features tons of details be it words, graphics, logos… The overall feeling is very consistent and gives a good impression. Of course the tune composed by 505 plays a fair part in this success !

The full show only lasts a bit over 3 minutes yet you won’t be bored at any time as an effect comes after another one : parallaxes, tunnel, twister, zoom, particles spilled out of a fountain… Colors are nicely chosen, transitions make things smooth and we can see that the main coder, Paranoid, knows what he’s doing (with the help of Ra as well) ! Not to forget nice graphics mostly done by Ukko which are seals of quality !

Paradox are among the few crews making use of the Atari STE  additional chips and features.

To put it in a nutshell this is a true teamwork that gave birth to a demo that may be small in size but big as far as quality is concerned ! Definitely my favourite demo from Paradox and I’m seizing this occasion to greet Oliver Heun aka Paranoid for his rock solid friendship!

Now you can sit back and enjoy the show :