It is pretty easy to understand what a jelly effect looks like. Take an object, most of the time a cube or a sphere and think of it as if it was made of… jelly (or jam ?). Now drop something onto it and watch it shake like mad ! I’m pretty sure you’ve got the image right now. Of course it may remind you of dragonballs yet you would be wrong as these spheres always come with stars on them ! Don’t confuse jelly with rubber cubes either since the latest are more like twisting than shaking. Yet as the effects mentioned above, the jelly effect appeared in the mid 90s and used to be very popular at that time too ! 🙂

The hand you can see above will touch the jelly cube and as a consequence it will wobbly move. Taken from the DNT Paper 6 reset demo by Positivity. (1993)

The funny thing and real interest of this effect lies in the physical reactions of the cube. Of course if all the jelly effects were just the same, they would soon prove boring. Fortunately this effect is often combined with others so that you can always think of a new or original way to present it :

A simple cube but with nice colors and a distorting background. Taken from 1999 Paradise demo by Dune.
In 1994 Passion demo by Positivity, the  jelly cube is mapped !

Besides the cube, another classic shape is a circle as you can see in the picture below which is taken from the 0Ompa demo by NoExtra released in 2014 :

A nice yet simple effect. Nice character adds a « plus » value.

The example found in 1993 Flip-O demo demo by Oxygene and Diamond Design is a bit more original as the added motive is stretched out at the same time as the circle.

Keep it mind that it should be moving on screen 🙂

Nowadays, the jelly effect has almost vanished yet I like the way you can use it and show it with other effects so that I am wondering why no coder has tried to create an innovative version of it. Is it that hard to apply jelly to other shapes than cubes and circles ? We may never know…

Nice jelly circles in the 2004 First Step intro by MJJ Prod !

Whatever, now that you perfectly know what I mean, it is time to show you a couple of video excerpts first with that nicely introduced bouncing cube taken from 1993 World of Wonders demo by New Power Generation :

Followed by the nice jelly effect from the mythical Flip-O demo demo by Oxygene and Diamond Design (have you checked my coup de coeur for this demo ?) :

Let’s conclude with 1993 Exhaust demo by ACCS and The End who tell us the adventures of a small ball bouncing onto a grid then a jelly cube 🙂 If you ask me I would say that I would have rather enjoyed full shapes instead of wireframe but it’s no big deal…