Democrew Dead Hackers Society has been around for more than two decades already and even tho their line-up has changed constantly, we can say that a single man has always been here, standing faithfully. His nickname is Evil, a very talented coder who is also responsible for the mighty website dedicated to the Atari, the HQ of Atari lovers : DHS !

Time to pay a worth tribute to a band that never ceased pushing the limits further on so many Atari computers from the ST to the Falcon not to forget the Atari STe ! Given the many demos this band has already delivered I guess you may already be familiar with the name that has been mentioned quite often in other articles of this blog.

Since I had to pick up a peculiar demo for this coup de coeur, I decided to choose Moving Into Darkness, released in  2003. This is undoubtedly one of my all time favorite demo from that band even tho it’s a matter of taste as you may read a few lines below. 🙂

From the title screen onto the end screen, there’s no doubt about the dark mood inspiration !

What I like in the first place about this demo is the dark atmosphere that surrounds it. It is slow paced, Gothic inspired and sometimes reminds me of the artwork of artist Giger, to put it in a nutshell : I love it all ! By the way this band created another demo with even darker atmosphere called Drone that I also like a lot even tho I can reckon everyone won’t share my odd tastes. 🙂

I also love the music composed by highly talented musician  505 from the first bleeping notes. All along the show you will also be able to enjoy the many pictures painted by  C-Rem. Last but not least this dream-team is completed by Gizmo and Evil a duet of very talented coders !

Let’s get straight to the point : I think this demo is perfect from the beginning till the end. This production was also very important in the history of Atari demos as it features a lot of effects based upon environment mapping. Not only it is a premiere but also a fully mastered exercise ! One screen even adds bumpmapping resulting in a superb effect (see middle picture right below) !

Dead Hackers Society are KINGS of environment mapping if you needed some evidence of it ! 🙂

One of my favorite moment is undoubtedly that sort of rotating golden pillar, even tho from what Evil told me it would actually be nothing more than some sort of a tunnel !  All I know is that it is simply amazing !

The whole demo benefits from a perfect choice of colors..

The whole show lasts a bit more than 6 minutes divided into 2 parts of similar quality, that is to say top notch ! Your eyes and ears will be pleasantly fed and you will never get bored. A pure black jewel, dark and intense !

Time for the freak show with a video rolling the demo from the very start :

And another one that only starts from the second part :