The heartbeat of passion goes strong in this demo !

When a demo is beautiful I am very pleased, when it is technical I am impressed, when the music gets into my mind I’m thrilled but when I am offered all of these in the same production I am simply in LOVE ! Made from a tight and cooperative team collaboration, this perfect demo called Pulse was brought to us by democrew Checkpoint.

Before going on with this review let’s talk a bit about the man responsible for the creation of this demo. Indeed most of the time when mentioning Checkpoint I write about their wiz-coder Defjam but for some time already that crew has had the chance to have another amazing coder called SPKR who had already coded a couple of cool demos. With Pulse we reach a new level of top quality, not forgetting the part played by graphicians mOdmate and Ukko and by musician 505.

SPKR is an unexpected new coder coming from nowhere (or so) as he wasn’t known to us about 2 years ago. After joining demo crew Checkpoint he amazed us all with this production that is polished to the nail with the love of all the people involved in its creation.

Gorgeous metaballs  and great design.

From the very start until the end you will feel that « attention to details ». Between all effects there are neat and pleasant transitions, something sometimes hard to get from a coder. 🙂 All colors are perfectly chosen and all screens come with small pictures or ornament of great quality.

Classic dots but lovely shape and colorful logo !

You will meet a lot of effects in this demo both old and new school such as  metaballsmad circles (looking great !), dots, a checkerboard, an object in 3D, a mapped tunnel and a few other surprises… What a feast !

A few screenshots to make you drool before you can watch the whole show in the video right below ! 🙂

You will be stunned when the show ends and you realize that it « only » lasted a bit more than 4 minutes as every second is so enjoyable. If you like this demo as much as I do no doubt you will watch it again and again (and again :)) making sure you haven’t missed anything. And if you wonder at second sight if that demo is really that good, then I can tell you that the answer is  YES !

Now all I can say is : Enjoy that awesome show !