Last summer after watching the awesome Pulse demo by Checkpoint, I suddenly felt like painting a Checkpoint logo even tho no one ever asked me to do so. 🙂 Anyway we all need to feel motivated sometimes and since I was, I got started !


As usual, I cannot bypass the compulsory – yet hated – moment when I only use lines to draw the basic shapes or structure of my picture. This time I decided to go for two different pictures later reunited on the same screen, meaning that both had to share the same palette (16 colors at once may I remind you ? :))

Not much to see yet but we all need to get started from something or somewhere or whatever. 🙂


A bunch of roughly painted letters yet not so basic as already using 2 colors for the blue ones and another 2 colors for the orange ones.


Now that we have the main « frame », real things can get started ! This time I really wanted to offer a wider range of colors, something that may not sound so easy to reach in the first place knowing that the ST only offers 16 colors at once including the background ! So I wanted to have 3 palettes of colors : shades of blue, shades of orange and shades of green (for the face on the right side).

Some colors, basic lightning (cough, cough) and that’s it !


All letters sorted out as they should and reading, well… you know what. Oh, the small square is here to help me see how the chosen colors mix together. It will be later deleted of course.


This is the longest part, adding pixels and mostly mixing them together so that it makes you feel the picture features more than 16 colors. I also added sort of tribal patterns to the face while I tried to create some sort of a light effect on the letters. In the end the letters filling method used is typical of my style that is to say mostly at random ! 🙂

On the left another advanced step with some tribal motives and basic colors zones and the finished version on the right side.
I’m always working with the most powerful zoom. Looking messy, really ? 🙂

On the picture right above you can see the 16 colors I have chosen. Of course they are shared with the green face picture. I am pretty satisfied with the colors I chose and with the end result as it seems pretty colorful. I cannot say that I’m truly happy with all the letters but then who cares ? (well I do)

Another zoomed view on the golden letters this time. Hope you like what you can see.


And now comes the final version mixing the logo itself and the green face on the same screen. I also added a dark outline around the letters to make them stand out of the background and the other half of the face is only shown as « tribal shadows ». This picture was used in the STNICCC 2015 demo by Checkpoint which ranked second at the STNICCC 2015 party held in Holland in December 2015. I was another nice opportunity to work with Defjam !