Some democrews have never done and will never do things like anyone else. To be honest when I’m writing this, there is one peculiar democrew I am thinking about : Excellence In Art ! I’m not even sure I should call it a « crew » since a single man is responsible for coding, composing music, making pictures and so on…


Xia, as is commonly called the man instead of using the full and lengthy demo crew name, is mostly famous for his great tunes and the messages carried by his productions. A demo with a purpose isn’t like your everyday demo ! Of course you could argue that technique-wise none of his demos are close to impressive, yet they all appeal to me or even give me goose-flesh.

Here you will mostly read messages using stylish fonts and polished design.

Indeed the only effects met here are transitions between the screens and the very few (real) pictures. As a consequence I don’t really see what more I could say about this production. Better show you a video so that you can make your own opinion about it.

Oh one more thing before I leave you : since this demo features a lot of « pictures » it used to be pretty big. It was largely advised to install it onto a hard drive (were you lucky enough to have one at that time, ie back in the 90s :)) otherwise you could expect about 3 minutes of loading before the show actually started. In the video below, I cut the loading time. 🙂