This one is part of a pack of effects whose name I almost had to come up with. Indeed I think I will have to collect them all into an article called « unnamed » or something. 🙂 Anyway back to this another effect that I decided to refer to under the name of grid.

Even tho it is quite easy to understand, it could be technically more difficult to code than what meets the eye. This is at least what I think based upon the fact that few demos actually feature a grid effect. Now what is a grid effect ? Well think about a picture seen through a strainer. In other words all pixels are not displayed. It’s like having a fence in front of your eyes. The end result is quite original and a bit disturbing too as you’re not always sure of what you are actually seeing.  Have a look right below :

This is a pure grid effect taken from the Thunderboot  intro by Checkpoint(2014)

I hope that this screenshot helps you see what I am writing about. Anyway I’m afraid I won’t have so many examples to show you. As far as I know this grid effect first appeared in 2001 courtesy of Escape and their innovative screen coded for the Summer 2001 demo.

I warned you it looked a bit disturbing ! 🙂

In 2003 democrew Reservoir Gods brought us a loony, crazy and amazing production called Grimey heavily featuring our grid effect. A demo to be fully enjoyed as a video at the bottom of this page.

Style and a perfect synchronisation with the music !

Then… well nothing for about a decade, until 2012 indeed when 2 productions gave our grid effect a new chance to show up. There is first that very short example in 2011 very nice Base Case demo by Live! shown below :

Stylish and rocking, yeaaaah baby !

In 2012 very dark mood inspired Drone demo by Dead Hackers Society we are offered a very nice and huge variation of a grid effect displayed in overscan. Technically impressive. yet also quite chaotic so that in the end I cannot even tell you if there is some pattern drawn in the screen. Maybe you can see one ?

Really no clue about what I am supposed to see here ! Nice tho 🙂

Not much more to add : this effect isn’t the common kind of effect, it doesn’t look like any other, yet it strikes you at once. Yet you have to find a nice way to use it and find a motive that can be recognized even with grid effect. I really love the Drone demo for instance yet the grid effect leaves me with mixed feelings as I really don’t know what I am supposed to see happening on my screen 😦

Our last example up to date is the Sillyventure 2K14 invite demo by Live! that is totally relying on this grid effect. Get ready for a real feast here ! And this time there is no doubt at all, this effect is perfectly mastered and uses perfect colors and shapes.  It truly shows that the messy look of the grid effect can be put aside with great ideas and code…

Anyway, time for yummy videos starting with the first appearance of a grid effect as could be seen in Escape’s screen taken from the Summer 2001demo :

Then with the short but really great Grimey demo by Reservoir Gods.

Last but not least we end up with the best of them and my favorite demo showing a grid effect as well : the Sillyventure 2K14 invite by Live! Now sit back and enjoy that great show !