Democrew Equinox has been around for a very long time, ever since the late 80s and they still are more or less active courtesy of wizcoder Keops and very talented graphic artist Nova who appeared to be the same person as Mic, well known gfxman in demo crew Dune (for years he managed to keep his double identity a secret !).

In the 90s they belonged to the leading crews and were proud representatives of what would be called the « French touch », being a combination of technical effects and design. One of these other representatives used to be (and indeed still is !) Oxygene whose milestone Flip’o demo was my first coup de coeur here.

Let’s get back to the Virtual Escape demo with a little story : the demo should have been released in 1993, maybe 1994 but for obscure reasons it never was… Was it yet to be completed ? Polished ? Debugged ? No idea, yet for years it was nothing but vapourware until it was finally released in 1999 when Keops saved it from oblivion. Sure we had to wait but it was really worth it !

One example of the awesome pictures painted by Nova.

This demo is rooted in « oldschool » effects unlike demos released at the same time (1999) but don’t get me wrong, this is not a bad thing ! First because every single effect is so smooth and fast, running in one frame, and secondly because every screen and transition is polished to the nail for our greatest enjoyment !


So, what do we have here ? Oh, an awful lot of effects like numerous 3D objects, dots, a dragonball, glenz vectors, a city skyline and much more ! As the fast and furious music starts, everything goes insanely fast : big objects jump onto the screen, move like mad, being more complex that what we used to see by then. Transitions are all neat and designed with style and the whole demo is supported by Mic’s gorgeous pictures.


It seems that the demo never wants to end (and we shall not complain about that !) as dozens of effects succeed on screen ! The whole thing lasts about 10 minutes and even encompasses a hidden screen of great quality ! In other words this demo comes as close to perfection as could be so that I don’t have anything to add but show you a video and wish you a lovely trip into this virtual world !