By now you are fully aware that a demo is a combination of code (programming), music and of course pictures. No offence to the other categories but being myself a (more than average) pixel art artist, I wanted to stop for a second and start a series showing ONE artwork from every Atari artist I can think of. I cannot afford and don’t want to show all pictures by each artist, instead you will be given links to full galleries if you wish to learn more about each of them.

Oh, by the way, may I remind you that I also started writing « step by step » articles to be found in the Pixel by Pixel section ? 🙂

Most artists listed in this series worked on limited palette -namely 16 colours- pictures but sometimes also with 256 colours or in True Color mode (up to 16 million colours) yet I mostly wanted to show you what an Atari ST 16 colour picture could look like.

Niko of Oxygene, Diamond Design…

Impressive dithering technique made of Niko a pixel god to me ! (1993)

Spaz of The Lost Boys

Spaz was among the first generation pixel artists on Atari  (1991).


Tanis of The Carebears

Awesome logo for their final demo (1993).

Pixelkiller of Legacy

Awesome dithered background ! (1993)


Krazy Rex of ST Connexion

Lovely unicorn from 1990.

These are the 5 pixel art artists that started this series but of course there are more to come next time so stay tuned ! Please comment or drop me a line if you want to make sure I don’t forget your favourite artist ! 🙂