After so many articles about separate demos effects and several coups de coeur for full demos, I thought it may prove useful to stop for a while to have a closer look at the various kinds of productions you can meet in the ATARI demoscene. At the time when I write this, some links may not be active as the related articles are already written yet unpublished so please do not hesitate to come back and see what’s new here ! 🙂


Productions sorted out by size :

  • 128 bytes
  • bootsectors (480 bytes)
  • 4Kb (4096 bytes)
  • 96Kb
  • Intros and Cracktros (more than 96Kb and up to about 150 Kb)
  • Dentros are a bit of a mix up between a small intro and a full demo (hence the name). Here I still need to gather useful information before thinking about writing an article if this eventually proves useful  🙂
  • Demos (above 150Kb up to several Mega bytes)

Demos can then be divided into several types as well :

  • Trackmos : these are demos running straight from start to end, you have nothing to do but sit and watch 🙂 They look a lot like MTV videos syncing effects to music. Used to contain one main executable file.
  • Megademos : these were traditional demos from the 80s mostly, featuring a menu and several individual screens. You could also enjoy hidden screens and reset screens as well ! 🙂
  • Musidisks : are demos mostly focused on music as you could guess, no big show here, mostly a dozen tunes to enjoy. Please refer to my sound article for more details. You can find lots of examples here too.
  • Diskmags : most of them now obsolete yet popular at some time, there used to be magazines published on floppies. Some of them used to be very famous such as UK based Maggie, STNews, Chosneck, UnderCover Magascene, aLiVe! and some others. You can find the full listing here at Demozoo.
  • Games : yes you could also enjoy full (and free games !) brought to us by our much respected demosceners ! Sometimes these games were like a bonus part into a demo (thinking of this or that) but there were tons of them released as stand alone and of great quality ! Once more you can find the full listing at Demozoo.
  • Slideshows : these productions – like musicdisks – did not really feature effects but mostly focused on one thing, here showing pictures. They could either be focused on a theme or most of the time on a pixel artist. Full listing here.
  • Invitations : these small prods had one main objective : promote a forthcoming demo convention, that is to say a gathering of people involved in the demoscene. Even tho you should not expect more than a lot of informative text screens and scrollers (moving text), you could also enjoy a handful of nice effects. Some supposedly humble invitations even prove as good as « full » demos ! Some examples can be found here.

If a demo doesn’t fit any of these specific categories then just call it… a « demo » and above all simply enjoy it 🙂

Thinking of a (significant) category that I didn’t mention ? Then please leave a comment or drop me a mail at :