This article can be considered as a sort of sequel to my entry related to animations. Actually I am going to write once again about sequences that were first generated on more powerful computers, in other words PCs, then replayed on the Atari ST. Yet there is a difference here as either these sequences are taken from digitized movies or from the internet. Coders are not the authors yet they have to be able to replay these video sequences within the limitations of a 30 year old computer !

To make things clear, the real challenge here is replaying a video on a computer that is theoretically totally unable to do it. Let me give you a single figure to help you see what I mean : videos use millions of colors. The Atari ST can only display… 16 colors at once !

Once the technical challenge faced, I have to admit that this kind of « demo » has very little replay value…

Anyway, it was in 1994 when appeared the first demo of that kind. Demo crew Zeal first did it with their Vision demo.

Yup this is a video sequence ! 🙂

Largely inspired from the 242 demo by Fairlight and Virtual Dreams on the Amiga, the rival computer of the Atari ST, this video is quite pleasant in spite of big pixels, unfortunately it doesn’t even last a full minute… And then there is nothing more to see.

Indeed there was no other video released until 2004 with Badger by MJJ Prod. This time this is simply an animation converted and replayed on the Atari ST (on the contrary to a filmed sequence). To be seen once for the fun of it but surely not twice…

Crazy animations and sound…

MJJ Prod struck back in collaboration with Paradize and musician gwEm with Ze Japanim in 2005 another animation found on the internet and successfully converted. Even tho only displayed in black and white, unlike the example shown above, this video lasts a couple of minutes instead of looping after a dozen seconds. Still as with most videos, I strongly doubt you will ever watch it again…

Graphic craziness but then what ?

However a couple of years ago, in 2014 more precisely, videos went thru a true revolution ! Thanks to the skills of democrew BlaBla and above all coders Cyg and Ppera, videos are not displayed in 16 colors only but with several thousands of colors ! And trust me it does make a LOT of differences ! Check out the following picture below :

Forget the previous efforts, they have been wiped out  !

The end result is stunning ! Amazing ! Impressive ! Youngsters may not understand what it implies but people who owned an Atari ST 30 years will surely shed a tear ! 🙂

Yes you are on a 1985 computer ! Hardly believable !

Obviously it will never look as if it was coming from a DVD player but it’s an incredible technical feat and I really don’t know how this could happen. Look back at the progress since the first video released in 1994 !

Now all that I have to do is show you that long way starting from the very first steps of the Vision demo by Zeal released in 1994 :

Then let’s have a quick look at the loony animation of Badger by MJJ Prod :

And of course I have to conclude showing the latest improvements with the video player created by BlaBla. By the way if you want to see some more I can but recommend to give my good fellow Ataricrypt a visit here and there.