Breaking The Borders by Marco Breddin

Let’s take a short break to enjoy summer time with a great book about the birth and rise of the Atari Demoscene. This great book started last year as a Kickstarter project finally came to life in the first quarter of 2017 and was published by Microzeit. If I am writing about this book today this is mostly for two good reasons : first of all as you may noticed I am *really* not familiar with the first generation of demos, understand from the 1986-1990 period. Secondly why should I care when there is a great book covering these years ?


In this +400 page book filled with lots of stories, full page pictures (as you can see some above) and interviews with the people who created the Atari ST demoscene you will have plenty to feed on ! Of course the book is only available in English but if you are reading this then it is no big deal, right ? 🙂

Last but not least the book comes in several flavours be it from the « book only bundle » up to the full bundle including a lot of goodies such as postcards, posters, among others.

I don’t think this cool book really needs this commercial break but surely it DESERVES it so that I hope I helped making some people aware of it.

Note that this goodies snapshot may not reflect the content of the current bundles on Microzeit’s website ! 🙂

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