In 2016 we released (or better said showed) a quite advanced yet unfinished version of our Atari ST game QUARTET at Sillyventure demoparty. Of course we hope that some of you seized the opportunity to download it from Demozoo. If you like what you played, we have good news for you as the DELUXE edition is finally out!

Short credits go to Photonstorm who developed the original game. ST Cooper handled programming, while Dma-Sc brought us several great tunes. I mostly reworked the PC graphics. The game should run on any Atari that comes with 2Mb of ram be it ST(e) or Falcon. It even works with Steem 🙂

Now please read below for full rules as can be found in the game :

You can now download (for free of course) the game from Demozoo or enjoy a video (of the old party version) courtesy of Ataricrypt.

We hope you will enjoy the game as much as we enjoyed making it!