This is going to be a short but heartfelt coup de coeur dedicated to a cool ST intro to Undercover25 diskmag. I’m not saying that my other articles were not meant to be sincere but as I was personally involved in this nice little prod it bears a special feeling to me. First of all let’s introduce the makers being the Dutchies of FUN (for Falcon Users Netherlands) now known as Lineout who are are mostly and rightfully respected for their productions on the Atari ST’s big brother : the Atari Falcon.

There is a little story behind this cool intro : it was planned to come along an earlier issue of UnderCover Magascene but you know how thing sometimes turn out : lack to time and/or motivation, bugs, god knows what else… Anyway it was there, staying untouched when I boosted Earx to work again on it. I painted the main texture, the castle picture and the greetings. Havoc painted the final picture that doesn’t really fit the intro atmosphere in my humble opinion (no offence meant Peter).

Anyway here we have a mystic travel starting from the depths of a mapped well (see picture above). The great music by MC Laser starts crescendo, notes rising up while the viewer reaches the top of the wall. The next screen shows a dark castle reflecting in even darker waters distorting while the greetings are displayed here and there on the screen.

The main (and most impressive) part is the mapped maze. It is a great example of raycasting and I love the way walls grow darker in the background hence strengthening the depth impression. Then the final screen is here and so is the end of our travel. Short but so enjoyable (even tho my opinion is strongly biased). 🙂

Now it is time for you to embark on this journey as well. I hope you will like it as much as I do !